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1 unit - SGD$238 (usual $268)


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Bare Feet

Benefits of Balance Training in physiotherapy and  rehabilitation

  • Reduced future risk of injury esp after an episode of sprain

  • Improved mobility and agility

  • Reduced muscle compensation when muscles become overactive due to decrease in proprioception

  • Improved joint position and stability

  • Correct deviation in terrains and avoid injury

  • Increase kinesthetic awareness

  • Tone obliques, glutes, hips, thigh and lower back

  • Improve body coordination and reduce reaction time

  • Improve centre of gravity

  • Restore or improve proprioceptivness 

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MetaBalance Balance Training

Physiotherapy and prevention of injuries 
Rehabilitation for knee, ankle and hips

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1 unit - SGD$238 (usual $268)


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Balance Training

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The one and only intelligent balance board come with an effective balance training program, balance testing and data progress diary. 

MetaBalance Solution includes Balance Board with support foam and mobile app "Standout Balance". Your fitness companion for enhancing equilibrium, coordination, and power

Increase stability, mobility, and performance 

Workouts with audio guide

Balance Test 

Data Analysis

Video Exercise Library 

Customize own
workout program 

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Training program 

Training program 

Training program 

Training reports

Track balance progress

1 unit - SGD$238 (usual $268)

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