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Bulletproofing your body from injury

Enhance performance 

Develop speed and power

Enhance explosive power


kinesthetic awareness

increase proprioceptiveness 

1 unit - SGD$168 (usual $200)

3 units deal - SGD$438 (usual $600)

Most sporting injuries are a proprioceptive issue—muscles fire at the wrong moment of a movement or change of direction when they should be protecting the joint,” says Nick Curson, Speed of Sports.

Why is balance awareness important? 
What is proprioception?

Proprioception is defined as the sense of knowing where a body part is in space at any one time. Proprioceptors (mechanosensory neurons) are located within muscles, tendons, and joints. They are essential for stabilizing body posture and coordinating body movement. 

There is a correlation between how well we can shift our body areas and our potential to operate, throw, capture, kick, punch, and absorb effect. Balance awareness and proprioception training can enhance performance such as developing speed and power. 

Highly developed proprioceptive abilities instill more confidence and optimize sports performance

Proprioception allows the body to perform simultaneous actions without stopping to think about each one separately, such as running while dribbling a basketball, or coordinating dance moves 

Bare Feet
Anatomy Drawing
Squash Player

Standout Balance 

Standout Balance training solution comes with intelligent data to give you accurate feedback about your exercise. Our solution is geared toward enhancing equilibrium, coordination, and power

Increase stability, mobility, and performance today

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1 unit - SGD$168 (usual $200)

3 units deal - SGD$438 (usual $600)

Joint Pain
Risk of impaired proprioception

Decreased body awareness and proprioception can cause injury and the most common injury is sprain injury. 
Damaged tissues do not function normally and loss of proprioception can lead to 

- recurrence/ chronicity of an acute injury
- joint damage over time (wear and tear) 


Professionals' Physio Care Solution

.The Standout Balance Board helps professionals and athletes recover faster by changing their physical training habits and routines without them having to stop exercising altogether.
Get Standout Balance Solution today!

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1 unit - SGD$168 (usual $200)

3 units deal - SGD$438 (usual $600)

Doctor's Desk

Standout Balance - Your home physio care
Build strength, improve balance and prevent injury 

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1 unit - SGD$168 (usual $200)

3 units deal - SGD$438 (usual $600)


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