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Balance Training with Mobile Application 

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Physiotherapy and prevention of injuries 
Rehabilitation for knee, ankle and hips

1 unit - SGD$238 (usual $268)


MetaBalance Balance Training
Physiotherapy for injury

Rehabilitation for Proprioception
Build strength, improve balance and prevent injury 

MetaBalance Balance Training Solution consists of 

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- Board Support Foam 
Intelligent Board with embedded wireless sensors
 - Mobile App for rehabilitation training and testing

1 unit - SGD$238 (usual $268)


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Different Exercise Mode

Balance Testing Metrics

Balance Analysis Data

Exercise Library 

Progress Report Diary


MetaBalance Balance Training solution can help to retrain your body to improve and control the position of the injured joint. This program also helps to restore or improve proprioception function.

Our solution also provides data analysis and balance testing. Different training options are designed to cater to training needs and progress. Your therapist can also help personalize workouts from the program library. 

(Please check with your doctor before you start any training or exercise program. )

1 unit - SGD$238 (usual $268)


MetaBalance Balance Training

Physiotherapy and prevention of injuries 
Rehabilitation for knee, ankle and hips

Who would benefit from Balance Rehabilation program 

  • injuries or sprains that cause damage to proprioceptive receptors and increase risk of future injury

  • recurrent injuries such as knee and shoulder instability, ankle sprains. 

  • Swelling or pain at a joint

  • Post-surgery

  • Improve sports performance, agility, and kinetic awareness

  • Declining balance awareness and proprioceptive abilities due to aging. 

  • Injuries or conditions that cause any proprioceptive deficit. 

Balance awareness or known as proprioception is the sense of self-movement and body/joint position. It is essential for stabilizing body posture and coordinating body movement. 

This essential skill is learned through childhood and needs to be improved and maintained throughout your life. Balance training should be incorporated into our daily healthy lifestyle.  

Loss of balance awareness increases as we age due to a combination of natural age-related changes to the nerve, joints, and muscles. It can also cause a decreased sense of joint position. The most common loss of balance awareness after an injury is seen with an ankle sprain.  It is necessary to retrain this balance to ensure a fully functional return to the ankle complex. If this is not achieved, the likelihood of recurring ankle sprains is heightened. 

Proprioception plays a role in every move you make, from walking to eating. Balance training can help you improve motor skills, muscle strength and balance  

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1 unit - SGD$238 (usual $268)


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Doctor's Desk

MetaBalance Training Board
Build strength, improve balance and prevent injury 

1 unit - SGD$238 (usual $268)


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