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Sprain Physio care fall

Frustrated with Knee Pain?

Why are sprained ankles so common today?
Are you susceptible to fall injury? 

Understand your risk today

Standout balance solution is your physio help

Leg Injury
Standout Balance

Standout Balance Solution can teach your body to control the position of injured joint and helps to restore proprioception to the ankle complex. Our solution also provides data feedbacks about your balance. With a smartphone app (iOS & Andriod), you can get different training options according to your needs and progress.


Balance training starts here.

Improve balance, performance and health at home or at the office with Standout Balance Board designed for different needs. .

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1 unit - SGD$168 (usual $200)

3 units deal - SGD$438 (usual $600)

Why do we lose balance?

Balance awareness is the sense of self-movement and body position. It is essential for stabilizing body posture and coordinating body movement. 

This essential skill is learnt through childhood and needs to be improved and maintained throughout your life.  

Loss of balance awareness increases as we age due to a combination of natural age-related changes to the nerve, joints, and muscles. It can also cause decrease sense of joint position. The most common loss of balance awareness after an injury is seen with an ankle sprain.  It is necessary to retrain this balance to ensure a fully functional return to the ankle complex. If this is not achieved, the likelihood of recurring ankle sprains is heightened. 

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Sports is the exercise you play for life.

Especially with Standout balance board.


Make smart sports exercise decisions when your doctor tells you your knee injury is due to aging, caused by wear and tear

1 unit - SGD$168 (usual $200)

3 units deal - SGD$438 (usual $600)

Doctor's Desk

Standout Balance - Your home physio care
Build strength, improve balance and prevent injury 

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1 unit - SGD$168 (usual $200)

3 units deal - SGD$438 (usual $600)

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