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Balance Board Sports Training

Performance Training and injury prevention program developed with sports coaches and physiotherapist

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Used and tested by University Physiotherapy Education Faculty

  • Conducts active testing and research.

  • Incorporates into study courses

  •  Concludes reliability as a measurement tool

1 unit - SGD $238 (usual $268)

Increase and accelerate your performance with MetaBalance

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Balance Training

Sports training for optimal performance
Rehabilitation for knee, ankle and hips
Physiotherapy and prevention of injuries 

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The one and only intelligent balance board come with an effective balance training program, balance testing and data progress diary. 

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MetaBalance Solution includes Balance Board with support foam and mobile app "Standout Balance".


Free download of mobile app

Balance Test 

Performance Test 

Customize own
workout program 

Workouts with
audio guide

Data Analysis

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Track progress

Training reports

Video Exercise Library 

Training program 

Training program 

1 unit - SGD$238 (usual $268)


Why is balance training important in Fitness and Sports? 

Balance training or proprioception training is defined as the sense of knowing where a body part is in space at any one time. Proprioceptors (mechanosensory neurons) are located within muscles, tendons, and joints. They are essential for stabilizing body posture and coordinating body movement. 

Ankle and feet
Proprioceptors within muscles

There is a correlation between how well we can shift our body areas and our potential to operate, throw, capture, kick, punch, and absorb effect. Balance awareness and proprioception training can enhance performance such as developing speed and power. Balance training exercises are essential for the sense of joint position. When a joint is sprained, balance training helps the body to relearn how to control the position of joints and therefore remain the most common rehabilitation component for injured athletes. Balance training remains an ever-popular technique for athletes and sports practitioners.

Highly developed balance abilities instill more confidence and optimize sports and physical performance

MetaBalance balance board

1 unit - SGD$238 (usual $268)


Sports & Dance training for optimal performance
Rehabilitation for knee, ankle and hips
Physiotherapy and prevention of injuries 


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Abstract of presentation

"A novel smart balance board – testing feasibility with fit community to dwelling aging people

The amount of merging technology is growing in the modern rehabilitation settings. Added smart technology in physiotherapy equipment will change the nature of work . Thus, technology, digital applications and platforms should be important part of the future physiotherapy educations"

Doctor's Desk

MetaBalance Balance Training
Physiotherapy and Sports Training
Build strength, improve balance and prevent injury 

1 unit - SGD$238 (usual $268)


MetaBalance Board with support foam
MetaBalance mobile app
Marble Surface

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